About Us

Industry-acclaimed Brewster Nutrition, along with long-time strategic partner, Syntech International, formed Ingredients by Nature in response to the industry’s need for ingredients and toll services of superior quality. Together the companies have over 80 years of combined ingredient manufacturing experience and service to the health food and related industries. Our quest is to preserve, promote, and expand the core principles of the natural foods industry while embracing the need for new scientific breakthroughs for nutrient application and absorption.

From sourcing, to research and development, to cutting-edge extraction science, the team at Ingredients by Nature leverages its core expertise to create highly-purified ingredients, extracts, and concentrates. The company uses its extensive understanding of research to provide unique value-added solutions for customer-specific formula applications.

Brewster Nutrition

Brewster is a name with a long history of involvement in the food supplement and natural product industries. Started in 1929 as Test Laboratories by Dr. William Test, the focus of the company was research and development.

Bought in 1950 by Marshall L. Brewster, the company changed its name, began to focus on producing a high-quality food supplement, and started to recruit distributors to provide vitamins and minerals to the general public. Through the distributors, Brewster spread the concept of a healthier life through the supplementation of nutrients to one's diet.

Currently producing over 300 niche products of unsurpassed quality, we maintain two plants in California. To learn more visit BrewsterNutrition.com

Supported Charities

Ingredients by Nature is honored to be associated with the following charities: Vitamin Angels, Players for the Planet and The Jason Lutz SIDS Foundation.

By purchasing products from Ingredients by Nature, you will be assisting Vitamin Angels in reducing child mortality by connecting infants and children under five with vital nutrients.